In 2021, I decided to start working on building a community that aligns with my life, passion, and values. I started the company to spread knowledge, lead the way for a fulfilled life and create a safe space for everyone to feel a sense of belonging and understanding.

I aim to help people find their truth and live it fully.
To give you the tools to let go of everything that does not serve you to find your true purpose and gift. 

My deepest wish is to inspire and guide you to your uniqueness and not be affected by any external constraints that do not serve you.



I have felt “different” for as long as I can remember. I always had many friends but never adjusted myself to fit any group. Empathizing with the lonely ones and protecting the ones who were “different” was not strange for me because I grew up in a family where being different was seen as a
strength. I was not scared to stand alone, which even led me to spend my free time in orphanages playing and studying with the kids. Hence, it became my superpower because I didn’t feel the need to conform. Growing up with such a belief has given me the strength to be unapologetically me.

While being in service made my heart full, it didn’t match the “normal” picture. So, I focused my attention on being “normal” and started to conform to the bigger pressure of society- attending multiple schools, having high-paying jobs, traveling around the world, and having the best life through the eyes of society. I did it all but for some reason, this never fully filled my heart. While following the prescribed life path, I had lost the connection with myself, what was important to me, and what made my heart sing. I knew the feeling and I knew that something was missing.

When I was 24, I was forced to walk away from it all due to the diagnosis of depression. The most difficult moments bear in them the greatest gifts. Depression was the illness that forced me to step away from the life that was not serving me and find a path back to my true self. Behind the beautiful curtains, there was a girl who felt lost and lonely. The strong interior was serving me well to stand on my own and achieve the goals that I set but I had to find out the hard way that more important than anything else is to follow my own unique path and not to conform to what society or anyone else is telling me to be. Another great lesson from that period of my life was that, as important as it is to stand alone, it is equally important to be vulnerable and have other people to lean on. No matter how independent we are, there always comes a time when even the strongest ones need help and support. Love is our biggest healer and not only self-love but being connected to other human beings.

It took me a decade to discover the whole spectrum of being me again- working through my traumas, beliefs, patterns, experiences, and fears.
I was learning non-stop, figuring out what was I missing, how to help myself and how to help others. The process of self-discovery is endless but I have walked it with great determination and today I am living a life that is filled with love, joy, contribution, and balance.

I find it to be my purpose to share this wisdom and knowledge that I have gained through my own journey and studies with anyone who is ready for it. Because one thing I can promise, it will all be worth it in the end. Meeting with yourself and connecting from that place with others is the most fulfilling experience that I have had in my life and I wish you the same— whether it is with me, on your own, or with someone else supporting you.


I have always chosen to study the things that I love to do.

Dancing ballet from 6 years old, I continued studying dance after high school at Trinity Laban in London. I continued my
BA in Dance Studies at Kingston University.

Years later I made a 180 turn in my life and went to study International Business Management at Estonian Business School. Next to my studies, I had the possibility to gain a lot of practice working as a COO and CEO of several companies.

At one point, self-development had won my heart. It wasn’t a question anymore to move toward my dream. I started my studies of becoming a family therapist at Estonian Family Therapy School.

It inspired me to learn more about working with people.
By now, I have also finished my studies as Mindvalley Certified Coach, an Osho Meditation teacher at Estonian Meditation School, and a Hypnotherapist learning from world-known
Hypnotherapist Anil Chandwani.

My purpose is to help my clients understand what they truly want to experience in life and how to get there. Today, I have my practice, where I work with individual clients as well as with groups. Moreover, I have a podcast called No Limits with Life Coach Leisi.

Work with me

Find out more about the services that I provide,
so that You can also connect to Your true self and be You UNAPOLOGETICALLY


Life coaching will help you achieve your goals with clarity
and confidence in your relationship, career, finances, and self-development.
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Family therapy

Let's dig deep into your family patterns, relationships, and childhood
to live more conscious and fulfilling relationships.
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Couples therapy

Strengthen your relationship and overcome obstacles with couples therapy - develop effective communication skills for a healthier and happier partnership.
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Hypnosis will help you to become friends with your unconscious
and break patterns that don't serve you.
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OSHO Active Meditations work as tools to release our emotions and find our way to stillness and inner peace. It helps to find our presence in everyday life.
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Personal program

I'll put together a personal program just for you, based on different
therapy techniques and practices to fulfill your desired outcome. 
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